Welcome to American Virtual Airlines "AVA", the oldest online virtual airline in the Vatsim Community. The philosophy here at AVA is one of professionalism, camaraderie, commitment and just a lot of fun. We offer a mature roster, weekly group flights, Vatsim participation, active Team Speak channels, informative forums, current AA and One World schedules and the option to charter flights anywhere in the world. We understand that you are a person and not just some number on a list, and think you will find a truly friendly VA home here. I invite you to join our beloved AVA and see why we are proud to say we fly American.


Tim Both
Chief Executive Officer
American Virtual Airlines

Featured Destination

August featured destination is the Rio de Janeiro-Antonio Carlos Jobim International (SBGL). As always, you may fly FROM/TO this airport from anywhere in any of the AVA (book a flight), or oneworld codeshare aircraft (as long as that aircraft is used on that flight on the timetable). Just make sure you put in your comments and edit your pirep comments to read AVA FEATURED FLIGHT.

Note that the featured flight is a CAT FREE flight! In addition, a new feature for CAT 6 pilots for the featured destination, is you can fly the Concord in and out of the Monthly destination, but only in the British Airways Livery, and only CAT 6 pilots.

If there is a destination that you would like featured, please send your request to Tim Both